Level 1 Webinar

Level 1 Webinar - Academic Misconduct

Academic Misconduct | Level 1 webinar

This webinar will give you an awareness of good practice in the handling of issues of academic misconduct. The session will explore the different kinds of academic misconduct and identify good practice in addressing it.  Delegates will hear about trends in complaints about academic misconduct which reach the OIA. We will discuss case examples and set out our approach.    

This is a level 1 webinar. It is suitable for: 

  • All points of contacts, delegates and other staff who deal with complaints and appeals; 
  • All staff at providers who have an interest in and may on occasion deal with plagiarism and academic misconduct matters; 
  • Staff who have responsibility for drafting regulations and procedures in relation to academic misconduct. 
  • Individuals who support students being taken through academic misconduct processes. 

Duration: up to 90 mins 

Dates and times: 

  • Monday 4 July | 10am - FULLY BOOKED
  • Tuesday 5 July | 10am - FULLY BOOKED

Level 2 Webinars

Level 2 Webinars

Academic Misconduct | Level 2 webinar

This webinar provides an opportunity to discuss approaches to addressing academic misconduct with colleagues from other providers.  Using case scenarios as a prompt for discussion, delegates will be able to discuss how their provider educates students about what academic misconduct is, how it is identified, what steps are undertaken to establish if a student has done something wrong, and the approach the provider takes to penalties. 

Level 2 webinars are interactive discussions which focus on case study examples. Attendees will be sent a number of case studies in advance and will have the opportunity to contribute to a small, facilitated group discussion.  Level 1 webinars are led by the OIA and cover background information on a topic. Level 2 webinars have a more detailed focus, and are discussion based. 

Level 2 webinars are aimed at all staff at all providers with an interest in a particular topic. The webinar will be delivered using MS Teams, so use of a camera and headphones is highly recommended. Group sizes will be limited, to give attendees maximum opportunity to participate. 

Duration: up to 90 mins 

Dates and Times:  

  • Wednesday 6 July | 10am - FULLY BOOKED
  • Thursday 7 July | 10am - FULLY BOOKED


Point of Contact discussion | Academic Misconduct 

This session is an opportunity for Points of Contact and other provider staff with direct expertise in the area of academic misconduct to raise points for discussion relating to academic misconduct with the OIA and with colleagues from other providers. Delegates will be asked to indicate in advance the topics which it would be helpful to explore. If you are encountering novel issues in this area, or have a longstanding thorny issue to resolve, this is an opportunity to benefit from a number of different perspectives and the collective experience of attendees.  Equally, if you are having success in addressing a particular area of academic misconduct, this is an opportunity to share your approach with others. 

Points of Contact discussion sessions are highly interactive and are suited to individuals whose roles directly relate to the topic.  All attendees will be expected to participate. The discussion will be delivered using MS Teams, so use of a camera and headphones is highly recommended. Group sizes will be limited, to give attendees maximum opportunity to participate.  

POC discussions are most suited to staff at providers who have experience of working with complaints and appeals relating to academic misconduct. 

Duration: up to 90 mins 

Dates and Times:  

  • Monday 18 July | 10am - limited spaces
  • Tuesday 19 July | 10am - limited spaces
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