During 2022 we will be reviewing the “Handling complaints and academic appeals” section of our Good Practice Framework. We last revised this section in 2016, and we intend to update it to reflect some of the good practice we have seen since then.  Our review is intended to address any gaps or areas which could benefit from clarification, and will be informed by our casework, and our engagement with providers, student representative bodies (SRBs) and the wider sector. We do not anticipate making fundamental changes to the existing principles or to the operational structures the Framework currently describes. We want to make sure that the Framework remains up to date and  is a useful operational resource for the provider and SRB staff and students who use these processes.

To help inform the initial stages of our review, we held a series of informal online discussion sessions themed around some of the broad areas we think it could be helpful to address. We discussed areas including group complaints, supporting students and ensuring independence, and managing more than one procedure - but the scope of our review isn’t necessarily limited to these areas. Please don’t worry if you were unable to join us for a discussion session; as with previous sections we will make a draft of the revised version available for consultation later in the year – so there will be other opportunities to feed into the review.

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Good Practice Framework

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Good Practice Framework - Handling complaints and academic appeals

The Good Practice Framework: Handling Complaints and Academic Appeals is a guide to handling complaints and academic appeals in higher education in England and Wales.