How does it work?

  • Connect to SignVideo
  • connect to a SignVideo interpreter and tell them you are calling the Office of the Independent Adjudicator.
  • The SignVideo Interpreter may ask you if you wish to prepare anything before starting the call. For example, is there any person or department you wish to connect to?
  • you will then be connected to an advisor in British Sign Language (BSL).

How to connect

Before using SignVideo BSL Live, please ensure you meet these basic requirements as a minimum:

  • Bandwidth of at least 512 kbps upload and download
  • iOS: 11 or above
  • Android: 4.4 or above
  • PC: Chrome/Firefox
  • macOS: Chrome (Safari 11 supported)

Or you can download the app for iOS, Android, Mac or Windows from:

Connect to a SignVideo interpreter and they will confirm the name of the Customer Service. You will then be connected and start the conversation in BSL (British Sign Language).


  • Could not get wifi/broadband to work but using 4G works fine.
    This could be a firewall issue from the wifi/broadband, please request the firewall document from
  • Do not have username/password?
    Please click “Access free SignVideo Directory Services here”.
  • Could not get Instant Access on iPhone/iPad 
    Please check that the iOS is 11 and above.
  • No solution or require technical guidance of the SignVideo’s Service
    Please contact or call 02033880771.

About SignVideo

SignVideo is a specialist state of the art video centre staffed by fully qualified and registered (NRCPD/SASLI) BSL/English Interpreters, who are available on demand.