What is MyOIA?

MyOIA is our secure online portal. It’s an easy way to make a complaint, track the progress of complaints, and change contact details.

MyOIA for Students

MyOIA for students

Creating a MyOIA account makes it easy for you to submit a complaint to us and to track its progress. You just need to provide some contact details and set a password. The contact details you enter will be stored and used to populate the Complaint Form so you won’t need to give us this information again.

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MyOIA for Representatives

MyOIA for student representatives

If a student names you as their representative when they complete a MyOIA Complaint Form, we will send you an email inviting you to create a MyOIA account.

You can create an account by providing some contact details and setting a password.

If the student has not yet submitted a Complaint Form, you can do this for them in MyOIA (the student will still need to sign the Declaration on the form).

You can also see information about all complaints for which you are the representative.

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MyOIA for providers

MyOIA for providers

We create an account for each provider that is a member of our Scheme.

In MyOIA you can:

  • see a list of complaints about the provider and information about those complaints
  • filter cases on a range of criteria including whether they are open or closed
  • manage your contact details, who has access to your MyOIA account, and permission settings.

If you don’t have login details (email address and password), or if you are new to our Scheme and think you may not yet have an account, please contact us.

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You can find out more about how to use MyOIA on the MyOIA Help page. If you need any further help, please contact us.

MyOIA Help

Help and guidance for using MyOIA.