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Good Practice Framework

Guidance we publish on good practice for higher education providers.

Case summaries

View examples of cases we receive and how we resolve them. These include our public interest cases and case summaries.

Completion of Procedures Letter Guidance

Our guidance on Completion of Procedures (COP) Letters.

Our Rules

Our Rules set out how our Scheme works, who can complain, what we can and can’t look at, how we review complaints, and what higher education providers should do.

Annual Statements

See information about our members' records in handling complaints and appeals.

How corporate structure impacts provider closures

We have been more giving thought as to how students might be better protected in the scenario of a sudden exit, following on from our Wonkhe article earlier this year.

Responding to the cost of living crisis: learning from complaints

Read more about our learning from complaints and the cost of living situation.

Handling complaints arising from significant disruption

Some suggestions about things to consider when handling students’ concerns around significant disruption, for example from the pandemic or industrial action

Closure of GSM London: the OIA's perspective

In 'Closure of GSM London: the OIA’s perspective', we outline some of the common themes in the complaints we received and we explore further the principles we developed and how we have applied them.

Industrial action

Information relating to complaints arising from industrial action.

Coronavirus information

Find out more about complaints and the coronavirus pandemic.

Bite size OIA

Videos of our processes, guidance an information in a bite size format.

Briefing notes

See our latest briefing notes on topics of current interest.

Casework notes

Casework note: Complaints from postgraduate students

This casework note sets out some of the issues we see in complaints from postgraduate students, and identifies some areas of good practice.

Casework note: Complaints relating to placements

In this casework note we draw out some good practice learning points informed by the general issues we see around placements across our casework and outreach work.

Casework note: Complaints relating to disciplinary matters (non-academic)

In this casework note we set out some points of interest arising from recent casework, which can be applied to most kinds of student disciplinary issue.

Casework note: Complaints relating to academic misconduct

The issues and challenges arising in cases of suspected academic misconduct have evolved. In this note we draw out some themes that we have seen in recent casework.

Casework note: Complaints relating to pregnancy, parenthood and childcare

This casework note covers some of the issues that arise in complaints relating to pregnancy, parenthood and childcare.

strategy and reporting

Strategic and Operating Plans and Reports

See our strategy, Operating Plans and Operating Reports.

Annual Reports

Read our latest Annual Report.

News and updates

Latest news and updates

See our latest news, updates and media releases.


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