Disability - CS082007

A student needed an ergonomic chair. The provider agreed to pay for a chair for use on campus; DSA funding covered the cost of a chair for the student to use at home. Following an assessment with a chair specialist, the chair was supplied to the campus.

Complaint - CS082005

A student complained that a member of staff had completed the National Student Survey (NSS) on her behalf during a meeting. Other students also expressed concerns and the matter was raised with the Office for Students (OfS).

Consumer rights issues - CS082003

A student complained to their provider that the information on its website was misleading.

Disciplinary procedures (non-academic) - CS082001

Several students in a Halls of Residence got into a dispute about noise. Over the course of an evening, a number of messages were exchanged via a group WhatsApp chat, which included offensive language and explicit sexual content.

Fitness to practise - CS101905

A final-year medical student shared with the provider that they were seeing a psychotherapist for help with complex mental health issues. The provider was made aware of concerns about the student’s fitness for practise, related to a breach of patient boundaries, and drug use. The student interrupted their studies. After a year, the student presented evidence that their mental health had improved and asked to be able to sit their final exams.

Fitness to practise - CS101904

An applicant for a PGCE course disclosed a recent criminal conviction in their written application for a place on the course, five months before the course began. After an interview, the provider made a conditional offer of a place on the course.

Fitness to practise - CS101903

A fitness to practise panel reached a decision that a student was not fit for practice and should not be allowed to continue on the course. The letter to the student told the student they could appeal, and directed them to the academic appeal regulations. The student appealed and the provider rejected the appeal. The student complained to us.