Disciplinary procedures (non-academic) - CS082001

Several students in a Halls of Residence got into a dispute about noise. Over the course of an evening, a number of messages were exchanged via a group WhatsApp chat, which included offensive language and explicit sexual content.

Consumer rights issues - CS082003

A student complained to their provider that the information on its website was misleading.

Complaint - CS082005

A student complained that a member of staff had completed the National Student Survey (NSS) on her behalf during a meeting. Other students also expressed concerns and the matter was raised with the Office for Students (OfS).

Disability - CS082007

A student needed an ergonomic chair. The provider agreed to pay for a chair for use on campus; DSA funding covered the cost of a chair for the student to use at home. Following an assessment with a chair specialist, the chair was supplied to the campus.

Consumer rights issues - CS082008

A student complained to the provider that the course they had completed did not include enough teaching hours at the right standard to enable them to apply for professional accreditation from the relevant professional body.

Fitness to practise - CS101901

A student nurse was found not fit to practise and their registration on the course of study was terminated. The student had been removed from a student residence in the early hours of the morning for causing a disturbance. Another student in the residence had complained that the student had been harassing them, in person and via social media.

Fitness to practise - CS101902

Before starting a social work course, a student had been employed in an education setting. As a result of an incident at work, their employment was terminated. Their former employer and a professional body started an investigation into whether they were fit to practise.