Pregnancy, parenthood and childcare - CS072203

A student completed the first semester in the academic year before stepping off the course to have a baby. They discussed their return to study in advance with the student support team and planned to resume some of the year-long modules that they had begun.

Pregnancy, parenthood and childcare - CS072202

A student made a request for additional consideration because their partner was due to give birth in the week that a piece of assessed work was due.

Disability - CS052208

A student experiencing complex mental health difficulties interrupted their studies during their first year. The provider backdated the student’s interruption so that they weren’t charged tuition fees.

Disability - CS052207

A student suffered a serious injury in an accident during their studies. Some months later they asked their provider for support for the ongoing impact of their injury on their studies.

Service issues: Group complaint - CS052206

A few months into a new five-year MBBS programme to study medicine at an overseas campus, some students complained about their experience so far. They said the course had fallen short of what the provider had promised in advertising material.

Coronavirus: Group complaints - CS052205

A group of students were on a one-year MA in a practical arts-based subject. The course was new for the provider, and the group was in the first cohort, starting in 2018/2019.

Industrial action - CS052204

A student complained about the impact of industrial action on their studies. The provider rejected the complaint and said that it had taken steps to make sure that students could complete their assessments and it had delivered alternative sessions for those sessions that were missed.

Service issues - CS052203

A student completed a degree in Psychology with Criminology. When the student booked their graduation tickets, they realised for the first time that the degree was a BA. They expected to graduate with a BSc. The student complained to the provider.

Coronavirus - CS052202

A student studying for a professionally accredited qualification failed a module. The student appealed the result. They said that they had not been given printed materials for the module and that they had personal circumstances that had affected their performance in the module.