Coronavirus - CS032107

An international student was self-isolating in their student accommodation, having returned from their home country. During their self-isolation a friend visited their room.

Coronavirus - CS112001

A student complained to us about changes made to their studies as a result of the coronavirus lockdown. The student had not complained to the provider because they believed their complaint would be rejected.

Coronavirus - CS112002

A student complained about planned changes to their supervisory team during coronavirus lockdown. The student's complaint was delayed but at the final stage of the provider's internal processes when they complained to us.

Coronavirus - CS112003

A student was studying an evening course at a further education college and complained to us about disruption caused by their college closing during the coronavirus lockdown.

Coronavirus - CS112005

An international student complained to their provider because their course had been moved to online teaching following the closure of campus during the coronavirus lockdown. They asked for a discount or refund of their tuition fees.

Coronavirus - CS112006

A student complained to their provider about the disruption to their studies resulting from industrial action, and the coronavirus lockdown. The student wanted financial compensation or a fee refund.

Coronavirus - CS112009

A second-year, international student was studying four modules during the year for which they had paid fees of around £13,500. They complained to the provider that it had cancelled half of the expected on-campus learning because of coronavirus lockdown and asked for a refund of tuition fees.

Coronavirus - CS112004

A student made an academic appeal to the provider on the basis of mitigating circumstances relating to their mental health. The student had been unable to access support services and practical elements of their course had been disrupted because of the coronavirus lockdown.

Coronavirus - CS112008

A student complained to their provider that their studies had been disrupted by industrial action which caused them to miss teaching and that they missed out on more teaching as a result of the move to online lessons during the coronavirus lockdown.

Coronavirus - CS112010

A small group of students were studying for a health-related course with practical elements. They complained to their provider about the quality and delivery of their studies in the first year and disruption during the second year caused by industrial action and lockdown.