Placement - CS032404

A teaching student’s placement school raised concerns about their professional suitability and the student was immediately withdrawn from the placement. The provider then began Fitness to Practise (FtP) proceedings against the student and their studies were terminated the following term.

Placement - CS032405

A nursing student was studying on a programme delivered in partnership between provider A and provider B. Provider B was responsible for organising placement opportunities and provider A was responsible for considering any complaints.

Placement - CS032407

An operating department practice student had been given a second attempt at a placement because not all of their first-year practice competencies had been signed off. The student was later withdrawn from the programme because they did not pass their second attempt.

Disciplinary matters (non-academic) - CS102303

A student was subject to disciplinary proceedings after a complaint was made by other students about their behaviour in a WhatsApp group. Following a disciplinary investigation, the student was excluded from the programme. As a goodwill gesture, the provider offered the student a tuition fee refund.

Disciplinary matters (non-academic) - CS102306

A provider investigated a number of complaints about a student behaving inappropriately. After gathering information, it held a panel hearing which the student attended with a representative.

Student wellbeing - CS042304

A student on a healthcare-related course had a mental health condition. The student was supported by the provider and completed the academic modules and a placement successfully.

Harassment and sexual misconduct - CS042309

A former student complained to the provider about the behaviour of a member of academic staff several years earlier. The student said the staff member had coerced them into a sexual relationship, which continued after they had graduated.

Harassment and sexual misconduct - CS042311

A student was accused of inappropriate behaviour by several other students. Two students said that the student had touched them inappropriately and without consent and other students said that the student had made them feel uncomfortable by frequently entering their personal space during gym sessions, and waiting for them outside the gym.

Service issues - CS052203

A student completed a degree in Psychology with Criminology. When the student booked their graduation tickets, they realised for the first time that the degree was a BA. They expected to graduate with a BSc. The student complained to the provider.

Coronavirus - CS072101

A student was on a one-year Bar Professional Training Course. In March 2020 the higher education provider stopped all face-to-face teaching because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The student complained to the provider and asked for a refund of tuition fees, saying that in not delivering face-to-face teaching the provider was breaching the terms and conditions of the course. The provider refused to give the student any tuition fee refund.