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Accommodation - CS012401

An international student signed an accommodation contract for a room in a hall of residence for 12 months, from September to September. The student arrived in the UK in August and went to their accommodation. It was not available yet.

The student misunderstood and thought that the accommodation would not be available at all. They entered into a tenancy agreement for different, privately rented accommodation effective immediately until the following July.

When the student was asked to pay their rent to the provider for the room in the hall of residence, the student submitted a complaint. The provider did not uphold the complaint because the student had entered into a legally binding contract.

The student complained to us. We didn’t uphold the complaint (we decided it was Not Justified). We were sympathetic to the student’s distress and confusion when they couldn't move into their accommodation when they first arrived. But we were satisfied that the provider had clearly explained when the accommodation would be available, and that the student had entered a legally binding contract.

We suggested that the provider might add to the information it makes available to international students about finding accommodation if they arrive in the UK before their course of study begins.