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Accommodation - CS012403

A student made a complaint because they were unable to access the main door of their accommodation block using their key card. The student said that when this happened the only way they could enter the accommodation block was to contact the security team for assistance. The student said they had been unable to access their accommodation throughout the year.

The provider investigated and only found evidence of three times during the year when the student was unable to access the main door to the accommodation. To recognise the inconvenience caused by these unsuccessful attempts to enter the accommodation, the provider offered the student a small rental rebate. 

The student complained to us that the rebate was not enough of a financial remedy for the disruption caused. We didn’t uphold the complaint (we decided it was Not Justified), because the provider had recognised the problem and made a reasonable offer to put it right. There was no evidence of prolonged disruption. The provider had offered a remedy for the disruption that was supported by evidence.