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Accommodation - CS012408

A student signed a tenancy agreement for some provider-owned accommodation at short notice without seeing the room. The student was unhappy with the standard of the accommodation and wanted to end their tenancy agreement.

The provider told the student that they were liable for rent until the end of the tenancy agreement unless they could find another student to take the room in their place.

The student complained to the provider. The provider partly upheld the complaint, acknowledging that it should have given the student the opportunity to have a virtual tour of the room. There were also some issues with the room. The provider offered to waive a proportion of the accommodation fees. The student did not accept the offer.

The student complained to us saying they wanted all of the accommodation fees waived. We decided that the partial accommodation fee waiver was a reasonable remedy for the issues identified. We did not uphold the student’s complaint (we decided it was Not Justified) because a reasonable offer had been made.