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Accommodation - CS012409

A student felt they were unfairly charged for uninhabitable accommodation and said that basic living essentials such a microwave, fridge and freezer weren’t provided. The student said despite reporting issues with the accommodation, the issues were never resolved.

The student complained to the provider. The provider did not uphold the complaint because a microwave, kettle and toaster were available to the student. There was also a fridge/freezer in the communal kitchen. The provider concluded there was no evidence that the student had reported any issues with their room to staff. The student said they reported issues verbally to reception staff.

The student complained to us. We did not uphold the complaint (we decided it was Not Justified). We agreed that it was reasonable to expect the student to report issues with their accommodation so the provider could take steps to resolve them. It was reasonable for the provider to expect that the student would make a formal report if the issues weren't resolved following initial discussion with reception staff.