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Placement - CS032406

An undergraduate teaching student’s placement was due to be completed in two parts. Between the two placement periods the student’s mentor had asked to temporarily pause supporting the student with lesson planning because of their own personal circumstances.

The provider immediately organised alternative support for the student from within the provider. The mentor would resume supporting the student when they returned for the second part of their placement. Despite the provider taking steps to support and reassure the student, the student still had concerns about returning to the school for the second part of their placement and said those concerns were impacting their health and wellbeing. The student asked to complete the second part of the placement at a different school. The provider agreed to this and promptly arranged a new placement for the student.     

The student complained to their provider that they hadn’t been properly supported while on placement, which led to them experiencing ongoing anxiety issues. The student raised concerns about the level of support they were given by both the provider and their placement school. The provider did not uphold the student’s complaint and the student complained to us.

We reviewed the student’s complaint and decided not to uphold it (we decided it was Not Justified) because we thought it was reasonable for the provider to have decided that the available evidence showed the student had been properly supported. There were records to show that staff at both the placement school and the provider had been responsive to concerns raised by the student and had taken them seriously. There were also records to show they had provided help, support and guidance to the student during the period in question. When the student raised concerns about their anxiety, they were encouraged to contact the provider’s disability and wellbeing service.