Placement - CS032401

A postgraduate student enrolled on a two-year programme. The second year of the programme was an optional industrial placement. Toward the end of their first year the student successfully secured a placement and provided details to the programme’s placement team.

Placement - CS032402

An international student applied for a four-year programme advertised on the provider’s website. The advertised programme included a placement year.

Placement - CS032403

A nursing student complained to their provider about reasonable adjustments for their disability and delays to their graduation and subsequent registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). The provider did not uphold the student’s complaint.

Placement - CS032404

A teaching student’s placement school raised concerns about their professional suitability and the student was immediately withdrawn from the placement. The provider then began Fitness to Practise (FtP) proceedings against the student and their studies were terminated the following term.

Placement - CS032405

A nursing student was studying on a programme delivered in partnership between provider A and provider B. Provider B was responsible for organising placement opportunities and provider A was responsible for considering any complaints.

Placement - CS032406

An undergraduate teaching student’s placement was due to be completed in two parts. Between the two placement periods the student’s mentor had asked to temporarily pause supporting the student with lesson planning because of their own personal circumstances.

Placement - CS032407

An operating department practice student had been given a second attempt at a placement because not all of their first-year practice competencies had been signed off. The student was later withdrawn from the programme because they did not pass their second attempt.

Placement - CS032408

A teaching student told their provider that they wanted to withdraw from their placement and submitted a complaint about their placement experience. The student said that there had been delays in putting support and reasonable adjustments in place for their disability.