Course delivery - CS042307

A student complained to their provider about delays in giving them their timetable, changes to the scheduling of their classes, poor communication, and other administrative errors.

Course delivery - CS042308

A student enrolled on a part-time postgraduate taught programme, intending to complete it whilst working full time. They were told before enrolling that they would need to commit to around 10 hours a week of teaching and personal study time.

Harassment and sexual misconduct - CS042309

A former student complained to the provider about the behaviour of a member of academic staff several years earlier. The student said the staff member had coerced them into a sexual relationship, which continued after they had graduated.

Harassment and sexual misconduct - CS042310

Student A was accused by another student, Student B, of sexual assault. Student B complained to the provider that Student A had sex with them when they were too intoxicated to give consent.

Harassment and sexual misconduct - CS042311

A student was accused of inappropriate behaviour by several other students. Two students said that the student had touched them inappropriately and without consent and other students said that the student had made them feel uncomfortable by frequently entering their personal space during gym sessions, and waiting for them outside the gym.

Academic misconduct - CS022311

A student was on a taught postgraduate programme and had to take an 24-hour open-book exam for one module. Following the exam, the provider told the student that it was investigating them for contract cheating.

Academic misconduct - CS022310

A student was studying a taught postgraduate programme and had to take an open book exam for one module. After the exam, the provider told the student that it was investigating them for contract cheating. The student was suspected of uploading some questions from the exam to a website, asking for answers from other users. The student admitted that they had posted a question but said they didn’t look at the answers. They said they had some difficult personal circumstances at the time that had affected their judgment.

Academic misconduct - CS022309

A student was suspected of contract cheating in their coursework submission by presenting material that they had bought online as their own work.

Academic misconduct - CS022308

An international student was invited to a disciplinary panel after a large proportion of their essay was found to be identical in content and structure to a previous student’s submission in the same module.

Academic misconduct - CS022307

A final-year undergraduate student was suspected of plagiarism in an essay and asked to attend a disciplinary panel hearing.