Service issues: Group complaint - CS052206

A few months into a new five-year MBBS programme to study medicine at an overseas campus, some students complained about their experience so far. They said the course had fallen short of what the provider had promised in advertising material.

Coronavirus - CS072107

A student was renting a house with three other students. The accommodation agreement was with their higher education provider and the provider was renting the house (and others in the area) from private landlords.

Coronavirus - CS072108

An international student was on a two-year course that started in January 2020, living in accommodation owned by their provider. In March 2020 the student returned to their home country just before the nationwide lockdown was announced in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Coronavirus - CS072109

A student and some of their housemates organised a party held in the accommodation they were renting from their higher education provider. The party was attended by several students from other residences.

Coronavirus - CS032102

A student was living in accommodation owned by their provider. Their accommodation agreement was for the full academic year, from September to mid-June.

Coronavirus - CS032107

An international student was self-isolating in their student accommodation, having returned from their home country. During their self-isolation a friend visited their room.

Coronavirus - CS032108

A student was given a fine by their provider for breaching its code of conduct, and government restrictions on social distancing introduced during the coronavirus pandemic.

Fitness to practise - PI071901

Cardiff University

A student who was starting a healthcare course at the provider filled out an occupational health questionnaire. The student informed the provider that they had not had any vaccinations and would not now consent to be vaccinated.

Settlement - CS011803

The student withdrew from his course nine weeks after enrolling and lodged a complaint.

Settlement - CS011805

Student A was studying a BA. Following a party held in the Student A’s university-owned shared flat, another resident (Student B) submitted a complaint about noise.